Nippon Wico produces more than 400 types of connecting rods every month.

We can take your order at minimum 50 pieces to 30,000 pieces per each type of connecting rod per month.
Please feel free to contact us to start a few hundred thousand pieces connecting rod project down to a couple dozen pieces of connecting rods for a revised product.

Production Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machine



In-house equipment

Bolt hole mating surface griding machine Bolt Hole/Split processing dedicated machine 4
2 piece type bolt hole grinding dedicated machine 1
Bolt hole and mating surface spigot dedicated processing machine 8
dedecated finishing machine   11
Dedicated whole process machine for connecting rod   3
Precision boring machine In-house opposed twin spindle type 12
In-house 4 stroke type 3
2-axis bolt tightening machine   19

Other equipment

Surface Broaching Machine   3
Machining Center   14
Precision boring machine Toyoda Kouki, In-house 10
Auto honing machine   9
Washer   5

Inspection equipment

Air micrometer Daisei, Tokyo Seimitsu 19
Rockwell Hardness Tester Misawaseiki 2
Surface roughness measuring instrument Tokyoseimitsu, Mitutoyo 2
Roundness measuring machine Tokyoseimitsu, Mitutoyo 1
Shpe measuring device Mitutoyo 1
Measuring machine for small Internal diameter Daiichisokuhan 1
Profile projector Mitutoyo 1
X-ray inspection device Shimazuseisakusho 1
Compact Toolmaker's micriscope Mitutoyo 3
Coordinate Measuring Machine Tokyoseimitsu 1
Hight measuring tool Mitutoyo 4