About the application
of the product

General Purpose Engine

General purpose/small engine

Aluminum die casting material is very popular.
We respond to customer demand by using the casting method which can do heat-treatment.
We also supply a small quantity for supplemental parts after mass production is completed.


Refrigerating and air-conditioning compressor

Gravity casting material and die casting materials are mainstream. We can offer various shape matching per customer demand.
Our connecting rods have a distance between the crankshaft and the piston pin of maximum 700mm and bore diameter of 2 to 110mm.

Air compressor

Gravity casting and forging materials are mainstream.
We have a wide range of connecting rods from a type which separates a cap in a connecting rod from a connecting rod body, to an integral strap type.

Plunger Pump

The popular material used for plunger pump is aluminum or gun metal but stainless steel is used for some applications.