General Purpose Engines

General Purpose & Small Engines

Aluminum die casting material is very popular.
We respond to our customer’s demands by using the casting method which can tolerate heat-treatment.
We also supply a small quantity for supplemental parts after mass production is completed.
We have a great reputation with our customers in the USA and Europe.


Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Compressors

Gravity casting materials and die casting materials are mainstream. We offer various shape matching based on our customer’s needs.
Our connecting rods have a distance between the crankshaft and the piston pin of a maximum 700 mm and a bore diameter of 2 to 110 mm.

Air Compressor

We have a wide range of connecting rods from a type which separates a cap in a connecting rod from a connecting rod body, to an integral strap type.

Plunger Pumps

The most popular materials used for plunger pump are aluminum or gun metal but stainless steel is used for some applications.